Islamic Heritage

As you are about to step inside the main lobby, you will be greeted by the main dome clad in glass. It reminds you of a diamond, an inner surface of a huge diamond to be exact. This main dome with multi spheres glass are arranged in a traditional ‘Muqarnas’ pattern or multi-dimensional decoration of Islamic architecture. This Esfahan design forms a large abrupt pattern at the bottom to symbolise the 7 layers of the skies.

The design gradually refines itself towards the apex, which represents the rays of the sun. This process reflects the journey of human life in seeking blessing from the Almighty.

The planning, installation and decoration of the Muqarnas were carried out by the highly skilled Iranian craftsmen using traditional methods inherited from generations of master crafters.

As you exit via the Upper Ground Floor, the similar ornately decorated dome is just above you, as if to wave goodbye and hope that you will visit Menara KL again.


 Performing Arts

Looking forward to new dance steps? Malaysia’s rich heritage are translated into traditional dance performed by our very own Menara Kuala Lumpur’s Performing Arts Group. Among the dance performed are Zapin, Asyik, Inang and many more! Join our gracious dancers on stage and try out our dances. You will not be disappointed and perhaps you will learn a new step or two!



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